Hulp voor TNG

Mail van Jack Verhoeven na identyificatie via telefoon en opzending van stamboomgegevens.

Hello from far away Thunder Bay, Canada. I was very pleasantly surprised today when I picked up the mail and found a package. Thank you. Sorry about the e-mail confusion. Your recent telephone call was very weil timed as our son , expecting a June birth with his new wife, had called asking for family names to throw into the selection list for their new offspring. Will he be surprised when I show him your data, he certainly wasn't expecting to get a list going back to 1570!

Responding to some of your specific inquiries, my father was known as John Verhoeven and had the occupation of market gardener, growing and selling hothouse tomatoes before modern transportation systems allowed importing from the southern US. My mother's maiden name was Hendrika Kuipers and she was known as Rita by her friends. She had a brother, Theodore Kuipers, who operated a small trucking operation in Dunnville, and a sister, Nellie Vloet (married name) who also lived in Dunnville. A second sister, Kaye Mesdagh ( married name. I'm sure the spelling is wrong, it may not even be close) lived in Delhi, Ontario, about 60 miles away from Dunnville. My older brother, George, was conceived through the union of my mother and a farm owner for whom she was employed. My parents married in Tilsonburg, Ontario, I think, sometime in the early 1930s. George carried the Verhoeven name until he left home at about age 15, when he then took his mother's maiden name and was known as George Kuipers, last known address, early 80s, in Saskatchewan where he had teamed up common law with a native lady and sired 4, I think, sons. ( all of whom spent time in the prison system - a bit of a black sheep story...) My younger brother Neal, bom in 1948, married and divorced without offspring. He died in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in November, 1981.

I am a chemical engineer by training and have worked all my career in the pulp and paper industry. My  wife Carolyn is a teacher by training and taught high school for several years before " retiring " to raise our children. We were both born on November 20,1941, married Sept 8,1962 and have lived in some 8 different  towns as I took promotions/transfers throughout my career, finally retiring in 1998 and moving back to  Thunder Bay where we had lived for 5 years in the early 80's. We have two children, a daughter, Julia Louise (Julie), born May 31,1964 and married to Kevin Cleghorn. They live in Thunder Bay and have 2 daughters Kristen, born 1988 and Jacqueline, born 1998. Our son Michael John (Mike) was born July 31, 1968 and now resides in Gibsons , British Columbia, Canada's west coast province bordering on the Pacific ocean. His first marriage produced a daughter Karlee who still carries the name Verhoeven, although mother has remarried and moved back to Ontario, 2000 kilometers away from dad. Mike has remarried also, to Debra SmalI, and they are expecting their first child in June .

We are just getting ready to leave for a 3-week trip to the southern United States to do some hiking and see the desert in bloom. As we look out our window today, we have a meter of snow in the garden; it should be gone, hopefully, by the time we return. I'll try to find more precise dates to add to your very well developed genealogical record for the Verhoeven clan and will call you after we return in April to get some help with the translation. We have a friend who speaks some Dutch and started this winter with a family tree project; he will be able to give us        some initial help and certainly will be impressed with your work. I'll alert you with an e-mail before I call. (We are on broadband)

Again, thank you for sharing, looking forward to calling you next month.

 Best regards